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Frezowanie metalu MACHINING

Machining is our core business area. We can manufacture simple parts or very complex workpieces. We operate a radial drilling machine, a drill press, a turning lathe, and a milling machine. Our customers get their products fully finished for downstream assembly. Just tell us what you need.

Our machining services:

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Drilling


Milling is one of the basic metal machining processes. It is machining of materials in a certain way with special tooling. The process allows shaping metal workpieces as desired. Milling involves a rotational motion of a cutting tool. This allows processing workpieces to obtain flat surfaces or threads.


Our services include turning and milling of metal parts. We provide them with turning lathes from first-class manufacturers only. We make complete parts and workpieces, optionally with preparation for downstream processing. We can harden and temper workpieces by heat treatment. Our range of services includes powder coating of specified parts.